Customer Analytics Services

Customer Analytics Deployment

Partner with our clients to deploy analytics solution on different digital channels, gain business insights from the data and provide recommendations.

Enterprise Tag Audit

Audit your marketing tags across all digital channels. Our team not only validates your digital data, but looks for data collection gaps that exist across your entire website.

Analytics Report Automation

Collect, automatically process, and perform custom analyses and visualizations of Adobe Analytics data in Microsoft Excel in exactly the layout desired.

Industry Best Practices

Our project methodology incorporates an awareness of your company’s technical needs, business requirements, and tracking best practices for different industries.

Your business plan and digital marketing goals are aimed up and to the right. Use deep, organized, and real-time data insight to ensure that your plan takes off. Our consulting team will blend the business requirements, IT technical needs and tracking best practices to deliver the analytics solution. More importantly, we will also focus on gaining business insights from the data collected and provide recommendations on optimization opportunities.

Our team has helped over 100 clients in the region, our experience can help you walking through the entire process of business question to code deployment to ultimate business action, we believe it best positions you for success.

Our service can help to scan your web and digital properties for various marketing tags. We have different ways to ensure tag deployment is done accurately.

The auditing services includes Tag Detection, Event Validation, Scenario Testing, Tag Vendor Discovery, Data Loss Preventation, Page Load Time and Javascript Error Check.

Custom analysis and reporting. The Report Builder capability enables marketers to perform specialized analyses and easily create customized reports in Microsoft Excel, increasing their productivity. An Excel plug-in, it imports real-time online analytics data from Adobe Analytics.

Custom analysis provides the flexibility to explore online data in ways that are the most relevant to business needs. Report Builder is perfect for marketers who use Excel to perform additional analysis on Adobe Analytics data or who would like to combine data from multiple sources into customized visualizations for their specific needs. Report Builder provides an intuitive, easy-to-use wizard that guides users through the process of importing digital analytics data into Excel.

Our consultant will collect your business requirements and also proactively suggest key performance indicators specific to your industry. At the heart of our best practice are what we call business optimization items.

Each optimization item begins with the business questions that will be answered once you deploy the solution. For example, what pages (or video/commentary/on-line tool etc) on my site drive success and which do not? To help answer this question, we suggest Key Performance Indicators you can use, as well as sample reports so you can visualize the actual results you will obtain when the optimization item is deployed. Equally important, the optyimization item also suggests the quick win actions you can take to improve your business once you have SiteCatalyst data. Lastly, each optimization item provides specific deployment instructions to guide your team through the implementation process itself. In short, each optimization item is designed to drive tangible return on investment (ROI) for your organization.