Site Optimization Services

Optimization through testing

Use simple multivariate tests to get a clear understanding of the best opportunities for delivering targeted content.

Targeted recommendations and cross-selling

Automatically deliver content and recommendations using historical and affinity data.

Mobile Site Targeting

Use personalization and targeting to stay relevant to your mobile audiences.

Mobile App Optimization

Re-engage your app users with location-based targeting and by testing experiences.

A/B or multivariate testing to test digital content and experiences that we think visitors may prefer and then target content winners to distinct visitor segments. Our consultant can define the experience variations to test, the visitor segments to test and the key performance metrics to measure success. Similarly, we could test paths through a site to determine which path converts most. Testing works best with high-traffic sites that provide enough data to reach statistical significance with results.

Our consultant will also help customers to define testing plans, identify opportunities in various conversion funnels and analyze the testing results.

The solution enables our clients to use automation to show their web and mobile site visitors the content and products they want based on previous visitor views and purchases. It also uses automation to offer additional and alternative recommendations that can be fine-tuned. That helps marketers avoid the time-consuming, manual effort of determining which content and products to display.

Our consultant verifies that recommendations meet engagement, conversion, and revenue goals.

For most businesses, understanding and acting on customer intent is as simple as picking up on a few cues and determining a handful of high-value segments. Segmentation is a simple and effective way to deliver personalized digital experiences. Some companies use their analytics to reveal top-performing segments, while others use testing to validate segments and determine which offers, products, and content work best for certain customer audiences. Our solution deploys a rules-based approach that puts the marketer in control of managing and optimizing segments to ensure maximum conversion lift or engagement impact.

Rules-based targeting is the ability to define what content is delivered to each distinct customer segment or profile based upon what has been proven successful to them in the past. The more test results, and the more content and customer data that is available, the more sophisticated and targeting these experiences can be.

Our solution offers an mobile-specific interface for app analytics and optimization. With it, companies can test, target, and see how their optimization investments in mobile pay off in terms of ROI and other key performance indicators. Our services also includes targeting for location-based and iBeacon technology so marketers can use all the key location-based tactics for targeting. Additionally, customers can set up and manage advanced optimization and personalization tactics for both mobile sites and apps within the product’s interface.

Our team can help customers add mobile analytics and optimization with iOS, Android ready Software Development Kit (SDK), which is fast and easy for mobile developers to implement for their apps. It also provides tools to verify data collection.